Get Savvy!

There are a few of things you should know…

  1. I do not do selfies. Ever!
  2. I really don’t do make-up either. I mean yes, I will put it on when I venture out into the village once or twice a week, but I work from home (in the boonies – 20 miles from town!), so it’s usually Me, Myself, and I… I’ve never really been super into hair and make-up. Yes, it’s true, my Gramma and I did “play ladies” when I was little. She had those wonderful tubes of eye shadows and lipsticks. Very colorful ones! And I used alllll of the make-up she had on her face! She was a saint! Who looked a little bit like a clown when I was finished with her… Ahem… So, I have come a long ways since then in the make-up department, but it better be simple and take about 5-10 minutes or I’m losing interest!
  3. I don’t use products on my skin that contain toxic chemicals, because all of that is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin! No thank you!

A few things you should know about Young Living’s new Savvy Mineral make-up:

  1. It’s super easy to use and has great coverage!
  2. It can be done in just a few minutes.
  3. All Savvy Minerals products are formulated with naturally derived ingredients and never contain any of the following:*
    • Talc
    • Bismuth
    • Parabens
    • Phthalates
    • Petrochemicals
    • Nanoparticles
    • Synthetic fragrance
    • Synthetic colorants
    • Cheap synthetic fillers

For a list of ingredients in each product, please visit their specific product pages.

The face on the right was about a 10 minute face… Here is what I used:

  • Cool #1 foundation
  • Bronzer (LOVE this stuff!)
  • Blush: Smashing
  • Eyeliner: Multi-tasker
  • Eyeshadow: Diffused, Crushin’, and Wanderlust
  • Lip gloss: Abundant (really love this stuff too!)
  • Veil: Diamond Dust
  • Misting Spray
  • Mascara: Young Living is coming out with mascara SOON! So I used Sweet Savvy mascara.

My five minute face would be no eye shadow, no veil…